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A yarn & fibre show
with a twist


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The Great British Fibre Festival is not just your average yarn show; it's a grand celebration of British wool production and the incredible tapestry of crafts, fibres, creatives, and makers that contribute to its rich history. In addition to showcasing the latest yarn trends and handcrafted treasures, this festival broadens its scope to pay homage to the heritage of British wool. It immerses attendees in a journey through time, revealing the fascinating evolution of wool production that has woven itself into the fabric of British culture.

The Great British Fibre Festival takes place at Coldharbour Mill, a heritage weaving mill in Devon which still produces wool .  

The address is: 

Coldharbour Mill
EX15 3EE

Click here to find our more about the location

The Great British Fibre Festival is a yarn show unlike any other. As well as welcoming exhibitors with natural, low-impact plant & animal fibres, natural dyes there will be workshops teaching woolly crafts, shearing demos, talks, films and other demonstrations. 

Show visitors will also be able to  benefit from the full mill experience in the price of their ticket.

Sunday will see Coldharbour Mill in steam with their Steam Team running the boilers and engines  as well

From the shepherds who tend the flocks, to the spinners, weavers, and artisans who transform raw fleece into exquisite textiles, The Great British Fibre Festival  celebrates the entire ecosystem of British fibre arts. It's a gathering of kindred spirits, a platform for sharing stories, and an exploration of the diverse techniques that bring wool to life. The Great British Fibre Festival is where tradition meets innovation, where the past is embraced as a source of inspiration, and where the future of British fibre creativity is passionately crafted.

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