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Your show ticket not only offers access to our fabulous show exhibitors and wool producers but also offers showgoers full entry into Coldharbour Mill where you can see the Mill exhibits and the machinery in production both days.

Saturday will see the Mill running under electric production,  a more sustainable and modern way of working the machinery. The Coldharbour Mill Trust have a long term plan of achieveing carbon neutrality by 2030, and plans inlcude possibilities of the installation of an Archimedes Screw for all their power, and an electric steam generating boiler to power the textile machinery on Steam Days.

On Sunday, as one of their special Steam up days, the Coldharbour Mill team will light the coal-powered 1910 Galloway boiler to steam up and fuel the engines to drive the Mill machinery. Obviously, the steam ups that take place at Coldharbour are done out of sheer historical interest and it is fascinating to discuss how the Trust is looking to perpetuate the possiblities for running the steam days in a more environmentally friendly way.

Chat to the Coldharbour volunteers during your visit as they are a hive of information! If you are inutested in reading more, you can find Coldharbour's Sustainability Assessment here

Here is our programme of what's on over the weekend:

What's on and Demonstrations.jpg

What's on over the weekend?

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