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About Fibre Quest.

The show is brought to you by Stitch Fest South West - a yarn show based in Devon which is now in it's 7th year.  It's a 

collaboration with Fernhill Farm, Somerset-based renerative producers of yarn and fibre (amongst many other things!)

The founder of Stitch Fest, Saj Collyer, and Fernhill Fibre's own Jen Hunter put their heads together to talk about what was missing for companies striving to bring more ethical, local products to market within the yarn and fibre industry.

The main issue, they deduced, was educating potential buyers in understanding the processes it took to create yarn and fibre, understanding that the by products of the animal are also essential to the feasibility of the product and the importance of leaving behind the "buy new" mentality of fast fashion. 

Visitors to Fibre Quest can certainly buy new from one of the fantastic exhibitors, and they can also choose to learn to shear a sheep, sort newly shorn fleece ready for turning into yarn, watch a sheepdog demonstration, learn to weave, understand how to dye naturally with plants, ask questions of key members of the sustainable fas hion industry, watch a fashion show, speak to an expert about how to start farming regeneratively,  and so much more....

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