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Crochet: Colourwork Crochet

Crochet: Colourwork Crochet

SUNDAY 11.15am-1.15pm

Colourwork is not just for knitters! In this workshop we will explore two different techniques to start your journey into crochet colourwork – intarsia and tapestry crochet. Once you master these techniques the possibilities are endless – most colourwork charts can be adapted for crochet, knitting, even cross stitch! You can turn some of your favourite images into a crochet masterpiece.

Learning colourwork will open up a range of possibilities for your crochet, including wall hangings, colourwork garments, and multicoloured amigurumi patterns. We will begin with some simple shapes that you could turn into a wall hanging if you wish, but these techniques are transferrable to any colourwork chart.

For this workshop you will need to be confident in the following techniques: holding yarn and hook, chaining, double crochet (UK terms, or US single crochet).

Nicola Tyrer of A Little Craft Room is an incredibly keen crafter, and crochet and knitting pattern designer. She has a teaching background, so is very used to giving instruction and encouraging people to try things they don’t necessarily feel confident with!In addition to designing and writing her own patterns, she established and ran a Stitchcraft and Knittery club at her secondary school, which was popular with students from Year 7 to Sixth Form. As a result she can instruct both left and right handed crocheters, and is accustomed to fine-tuning techniques until you find the way that works for you.

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